Education counseling and self-development: What to learn? Where to study? And what to do after graduation?

learnersuit performs vocational diagnostic testing and provides guidance for education and work.

Deciding on a course of study and choosing a career are among the most significant and complex decisions we make in our lives. We at learnersuit will help you choose the course of study and the profession that are most appropriate for you personally. We'll give you education and employment counseling, as well as online guidance for the school track.

Making the correct decision, i.e. selecting a course of study and career that is most suitable for you and that meets your needs and your personality, will lead to satisfaction and interest. An appropriate career decision will prevent you from wasting valuable time and unnecessary expenses, as well as saving you from the aggravation that arises from bad career planning.
The learnersuit website allows you to receive free online education counseling; the process simulates receiving counseling by vocational psychologist.

The process includes:

Education counseling - The questionnaire is constructed from 96 questions that simulate situations representing the world of work, to which you respond according to the guidelines. Answering the questions on the website will give you in-depth knowledge about yourself. Additionally, answering the questionnaire will allow you to get information on the following:
1. Diagnosis and mapping of your interests, personality, and employment and professional tendencies.
2. Selecting study tracks and education institutions for realizing the potential of your personality.
3. Examination of subjects that suit you.
4. Formulation of a school / career plan to implement.
5. Forwarding recommendations to education institutions you have checked and selected in order to receive priority and preference during the registration process.

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