About learnersuit

Raanan Haas , CEO and chief vocational psychologist

Haas is Organizations & vocational psychologist. Member of the Central Committee for Psychologists in Israel by the organizational, vocational & social division. Graduate from Hadassah Institute of vocational counseling and screening candidates. An expert with many years of experience in counseling for young people and adults seeking education and career consulting using methodology of human performance improvement


Mr. Flumn Benny Owner and CEO of EM specializes in guiding higher education institutions in terms of marketing and sales. EM currently represents leading companies with technological systems in marketing and sales for the education niche. It's clients list include leading education institutions in Israel.

Cyber ​​City firm for web design.

Raanan developed chekme system, the most advanced system for on line career counseling. The system combines advanced knowledge in the field of psychology along with the latest technology. The system works in the style of Test & Fit and allows each person answering the questionnaire for guidance to study track and / or work, immediately.
חברתlearnersuit company specializes in developing psychological models based vocational counseling and on-line technologies to design study and career track for people.

About the questionnaire
learnersuit questionnaire is based on both advanced theoretical models and on many years of experience in vocational counseling for young people at the beginning of their careers and adults for decisions on their second career.

The questionnaire is based theoretical models which come from two main areas:
Vocational Psychology based on Roe ( 1956 ) sorting courses approach - questionnaire screening methodology based on a very common approach worldwide which has been studied for many years along with the changes required by the adjustment to Israel.

Performance Improvement Technologies (HPT - Human Performance Technologies) to improve personal life, career and work - the questionnaire is based on the performance improvement methodology that is growing in the West.